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British Gurkhas Intake 2/81 (UK)

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This picture was taken at BG Pokhara camp on Open Saturday and I think a few days before we headed off to Kathmandu. The numberis are of course the decorated ones. L-R: Rect Tirtha, Raju, Giriprasad, Indra and Khusi, 1981.

A photograph taken with our Guruji Amar Gurung SPF at the Catchment Area during the Basic Training in 1981. L-R: Baliram, Himal and Tirtha. Amar guruji retired from SPF as a Chief Inspector and currently resides in the USA. 

The three of us outside A Wing, TDBG in our best pressed mufti and shiny highland shoes in 1981. L-R: Baliram, Tirtha and Thaman. Anyone know where the other two are? 

Six numberis posed for this photograph on a fine day outside Gurkha Company, Catterick at the Recruits' Pass out Parade in 2003 (guestimate). L-R: Khusiman, Tirtha, Tirtha2, Amar, Padam and Mahendra.

Tirtha and Sovit take time to pose for this photograph outside Gold Block at Army School of MT , Leconfield in 1989. This was my first time in UK and it was Spring. I was feeling a bit chilly, hence, the jacket.

A fine specimen of men. Khusi and me pose for this picture at the Platoon Post in TDBG in 1981. Check out the DMS Boots and those lovey brown puttees. 

A visit to Ocean Park in 1981. R-L: Tirtha, Krishnaraj (guruji), Trilok, Baliram, Ananda, Amar(guruji), numberi 5, 6 & 7.

I think this was the A Wing gang outside the accommodation block on a hot summer's day at TDBG, Sek Kong in 1981.

Numbernis with Colgate Toothpaste smiles. L-R: Tara (Mrs Jai), Rita (Mrs Ganesh) and Anju (Mrs Tirtha). In the background is Amar Rai (Jai's son). He is a QOGLR driver just like his father. Man, that does makes me feel ancient. Wait-a-minute, I am ancient.

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